KPMG Financial
Executive Search

KPMG executive search helps clients
to identify the best candidates
for their business’ finance functions.

KPMG Financial <br />Executive Search


We have a KPMG network of professionals with years of experience.

The positions we recruit through KPMG Executive Search:

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Finance Manager
  • Financial Control
  • Head of accounting
  • Tax Manager
  • Other financial positions

When to use the service

  • Need for an immediate CFO replacement.
  • Unoccupied position of CFO in the company.
  • Setting up a new company or expanding current operations in Slovakia and you need a finance manager or finance team.
  • Financial team is in need of a specific analytical or technical skillset.( reporting, tax optimization, risk management, finance valuation and others)

What we offer

  • Executive Search – confidential, in-depth search utilizing KPMG networks and local finance market knowledge.
  • Detailed candidate verification (CV verification, we receive references from former employers, information analysis of the public profile).
  • Vast candidate database from local and international market.


KPMG promise

  • We will connect you with candidates we trust



  • KPMG is an expert in finance and accounting due to its position as an auditor and tax and financial advisor
  • We have strong, personal relationships with professionals in the area of finance and accounting
  • We are a partner whom you can trust even with the most sensitive and confidential information

Open positions


“Our first cooperation with Lygia from KPMG Financial Executive Search was for a CFO position. We had excellent cooperation and she was able to read our specific needs very well. All recommended candidates were serious contenders for the position. We are very pleased with the result of our cooperation and would be happy to repeat it in the future. Thank you.”

Ivana Krihová, HR Manager, Martinus

“Professional approach and cooperation with KPMG has
repeatedly proven to be excellent.”

Lívia Madaraszová, HR Partner, Slovnaft